I am currently a Ph.D. candidate in the Operations Research Center (ORC) of MIT , advised by Prof. Patrick Jaillet. I am affiliated with the Laboratory for Information and Decision Systems (LIDS), and a member of the Online Optimization and Learning research group.

Before coming to MIT, I obtained my degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the National Technical University of Athens in Greece, advised by Prof. Dimitris Fotakis.

My research interests are in the area of optimization and data-driven decision making, with applications in transportation and logistics.


Research Intern at Microsoft Research, Redmond, WA May 2018-August 2018

  • Mentor and Collaborators: Ishai Menache, Krishna Chintalapudi, Luke Marshall
  • Collaborated with Microsoft Real Estate and Facilities on event scheduling optimization.
  • Project involved vehicle routing, crew scheduling, coordination of suborganizations and real- time information.

Software Engineering Intern at Google, Los Angeles, CA May 2017-August 2017

  • Host: David Pritchard
  • Joined a team focused on providing advertisement traffic forecasts to advertisers on YouTube and AdWords.
  • Developed optimization algorithms to achieve more accurate predictions, increase reliability of models, and improve quality analysis workflows.

R&D Intern at Helic, Inc., Marousi, Greece Feb 2014-July 2014

  • Helic provides Electronic Design Automation software enabling the design of high-performance analog/RF transceivers and high-speed SoC designs.
  • Collaborated in the R&D team on a project for capacitance extraction aiming to achieve more accurate circuit simulation.
  • Developed and implemented an algorithm for the calculation of the largest empty cube in 3D spaces with obstacles.


Dynamic Redistribution in Bike Sharing Systems

We propose a mixed integer programming formulation for dynamic redistribution in bike sharing systems, along with methods that are able to scale and solve large real-world instances, as demonstrated through computational experiments (Capital Bikeshare, Washington DC).

Joint work with Patrick Jaillet

Demand Estimation in Bike Sharing Systems

Accurate estimation of the user demand is essential to plan for efficient operation of bike sharing systems. To this end, we develop approaches to consider both lost and shifted demand through data-driven and optimization methods.

Joint work with Patrick Jaillet

Complex Event Scheduling

We introduce algorithms for the management and optimization of catering and other complex events across multi-building corporate campuses.

Joint work with Ishai Menache, Krishna Chintalapudi, Luke Marshall and Patrick Jaillet

Resource Scheduling for Field Services

We propose fast algorithms for the scheduling of resources for field services. A prototype of this work has been integrated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Field Service.
Resource Scheduling for Field Services Ishai Menache, Mohit Singh, Bishara Kharoufeh, Chris Mossell, Janeth Guerrero Gomez, Konstantina Mellou, Kyle S. Young. Patent number 20180165618, filed December 14, 2016, issued June 14, 2018.


Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Cambridge, MA

GPA: 5.0/5.0

Advisor: Prof. Patrick Jaillet, Online Optimization and Learning Research Group

Thesis: Dynamic Vehicle Routing and Scheduling Optimization with Real-time Updates

National Technical University of Athens, Greece

GPA 9.82/10 (top honors, top 1%)

5-year study program – MSc Equivalent

Thesis: Efficient Algorithms for Calculating the Largest Empty Cube in 3D Spaces with Obstacles.

Teaching & Mentoring

  • 2018 (Fall) 6.251/15.081: Introduction to Mathematical Programming – Teaching Assistant
  • 2018 (Jan.) 15.S60: Computing in Optimization and Statistics – Teaching Assistant
  • 2018 (Jan.) 15.S41: Software Tools for Business Analytics – Instructor
  • 2018 (Feb-Aug) MIT MBAn (Master of Business in Analytics) Student Capstone Project: “IBM Watson – Machine Teaching: How to efficiently train a bot in the customer support space” – Co-mentor